Discover the benefits of becoming an Accredited broker with Teachers Mutual Bank Limited.

Product Pricing

Get competitive and consistent pricing, which is not differentiated by channel.


Receive highly efficient and effective upfront and trail commission payment processes from day one.

National Reach

We provide a genuine alternative to the mainstream banks, offering a complete member and community focus.


We are a partner within the education sector and the only true national player.

Niche Proposition

We help existing or prospective brokers to actively specialise and market themselves within a particular sector.

Understanding of the Education Sector

Get access to in-depth knowledge of industry factors which effect final decision processes, such as employment status (i.e. permanent or casual).

Market Size Opportunity

Target over 600,000 education sector employees nationally.

Brand Credibility

We consistently receive over 90% in the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Survey, while our Net Promoter Scores further support broker recommendations.

Accreditation Requirements

Before becoming accredited with Teachers Mutual Bank Limited, we require that Aggregators and Introducers each fulfil all of their respective accreditation criteria prior to being able to sell our products to their clients.